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  1. Open the Microduino software.

  2. Go to “Tools > Board” and select “Microduino/mCookie-device”
    Software Setup Guide Select Board.png

  3. Go to “Tools > Processor” and select “Microduino/mCookie-Core (328p)@16M,5V”
    Software Setup Guide Select Processor.png

  4. Only have the red Core module and USBTTL module stacked. Then connect the MicroUSB cable to the USBTTL module and the other end to your computer's USB port.
    Core+USBTTL connect.png

  5. Go to “Tools > Port” and select the port. It is usually the one that is select-able. (If you are using a Mac, it is not the Bluetooth one)
    Software Setup Guide Select Port Selection.png

  6. With the default sample code. Hit upload (right arrow icon on the top left of the software).
    Software Setup Guide Select Upload.png

  7. The code will compile and will say upload complete if successful. Congratulations the software setup is complete!
    Software Setup Guide Select Done Upload.png