Arduino IDE Driver Install

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  • Software:

Microduino software develop environment Arduino IDE, Microduino IDE configure package;

  • Hardware:

Microduino FT232R、USB cable;

Congfigure procedure

Install on Mac system: File:Mac microduino.pdf [ Thanks for Teddy! ]

Install on windows system:

  • Download Arduino IDE

  • Uncompress the Arduino IDE package to a specific folder;
  • Connect the Microduino FT323R to PC with the MicUSB cable;
  • After the new hardware was recognized, then will search the driver in system. If con't find the driver, need install it manually.
  • Click the right button on "computer", then click "manager".
  • Then open the "Device Manager", you can see the uncognized hardward with a exclamation.
  • Click right button on un-recognized hardware, select update driver software. In the pop-up dialog, select search computer for driver software.

  • Then select the drivers directory in Aduirno IDE directory.

Note, if your computer reports that can't find the driver, need to be further positioning to the directory \drivers\FTDI USB Drivers

  • Click next, then install the driver.
  • After the driver installed successfully, you can see the COM port.