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Download Mixly

Mixly Mac Setup.png

Download Java

Mixly uses Java to run. To download Java, visit this page:

Download and complete the installation for Java.


  • Change your settings to allow identified developers by going to: (Apple Logo) >>> System Preferences...
  • Then go to Security & Privacy.

MacTutorial Settings 2.png

  • Click on then Lock icon and enter your credentials to be able to change settings.
  • Under Allow apps download from: select App Store and identified developers
  • Click the Lock icon again to lock and save changes.

MacTutorial Settings 3.png

  • After downloading open Mixly for Mac.dmg

Mixly Mac Tutorial1.png

  • Open the Drivers folder. Drivers are needed to communicate with the Microduino hardware.

Mixly Mac Tutorial2.png

  • Install ONE of the driver packages:
    • Driver_OS10.3.mpkg if you have Mac OS 10.3 or below.
    • Driver_OS10.4-10.8.mpkg if you have Mac OS 10.4 to Mac OS 10.8.
    • Driver_OS10.9-Newer.mpkg if you have Mac OS 10.9 or newer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

MacTutorial 3 InstallDriver1.png

  • Once completed. Open the USBTTL-C Install folder. This is another driver that needs to be installed.
  • (Note: The Mac OS X 10.6 or older package does not contain this. Therefore, you can skip this step.)
  • Open CH34x_Install.pkg. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

MacTutorial 5 InstallDriver2.png

  • Copy the the entire mdxlyMac folder to your Applications or Desktop

Mixly Mac Tutorial3.png

  • Now open the copied mdxlyMac folder.
  • Hold Control and click on
  • You will get a message regarding developer cannot be confirmed. Click Open. You will only have to do this once.

Mixly Mac Tutorial6.png Mixly Mac Tutorial8.png

  • Close the Microduino IDE once it opens.
  • Open Mixly.jar
  • Click Open

Mixly Mac Tutorial4.png Mixly Mac Tutorial9.png

  • Mixly for Mac is now running!

Mixly Mac Tutorial5.png