How to Use Microduino to Transmit Morse Code

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This tutorial will show you how to use Microduino to transmit Morse code.


Module Number Function
Microduino-Core 2 Core board
Microduino-USBTTL 2 Program download

  • Other Equipment
10K Ω resistor One
220 Ω resistor One
Breadboard jumper One box
micro USB cable One
Photosensitive resistor One
Breadboard One
Steering engine One

Morse Code



Test 1:


The left and the right are transmitting and receiving end respectively.

Test 2:





Test 1:

Step 1: Build the circuit according to Test 1, as follows:

MicroduinoMorse1 1.png

Step 2: Download the code of Test 1.

Code of transmitting end: MicroduinoMorseSender.ino

Code of receiving end: MicroduinoMorseReciver.ino

Step 3: Compile and run the code of Test 1. If you find compile errors in MicroduinoMorseSender.ino, that is because the lack of Morse function library [arduinomorse].

MicroduinoMorse2 1.png

Step 4: The initializing password of the program is abcd. You can check the receiving information in the serial output of the receiving end.

Test 2:

Step 5: Build the circuit according to Test 2, as follows:

MicroduinoMorse3 1.png

Step 6: Download the code of Test 2.

Android phone app: app-debug.apk

Android phone app receiving end: MicroduinoFlashMorsReciver.ino

Step 7: Compile and run the code of Test 2.

Step 8: Install FlashMorse.apk in your android phone. And if there is app icon below, it means successful installation:


Step 9: Open app with initial interface. First, you need to input the password you want to set. (Since the initial password in the receiving end is abcd, so here you'd better input abcd.):


Click and enter. Put the flashing light of the phone close to the photosensitive resistor and then click "switch" button:

Meantime, the flashing light will send Morse code according to flashing frequency.

You can tell Morse code receiving by checking whether the steering engine runs or not.

Step 10: By change the password of the program, you can reset your own password:


The transmitting end can deliver Morse code by light transmission and the receiving end can tell if it is the fixed password by photosensitive resistor and then react correspondingly.