Install Arduino IDE Microduino library support package

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For Microduino dozens of modules, sorted out the compatible library support package, available for download according to individual needs

Install and uninstall

  • Before installing Microduino library support package:
    • recommend Empty all the library files in installing libraries folder,in order to avoid the Microduino libraries support package conflicts


  • 1.Download and unzip the corresponding library files
  • 2.copy the necessary libraries to Arduino IDE installation directory:

  • 3.Start Arduino IDE, click Filemenu, you will find an example of a program under' Examples menu.


  • 1.Right-click (or double) Arduino app in in the program folder, select Show Package Contents
Show Package Contents

  • 2.Download and unzip the corresponding library files
  • 3.Copy the necessary libraries to /Applications/
Place of libraries folder

  • 4.Start Arduino spp, click File menu, you will find an example of a program under Examples menu.


Microduino Arduino IDE library support package History:

  • October 21, 2014, was created.