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==Download the Board Definitions==
==Download the Board Definitions==
Go to '''Tools > Boards > Boards Manager...'''
Go to '''Tools > Boards > Boards Manager...'''
Type in "Microduino" in the ''Filter your search...'' text field.
Type in "Microduino" in the ''Filter your search...'' text field.

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This guide will show how to install the Microduino board definitions, libraries and examples to the official Arduino IDE using the Boards Manager features.

Driver Installation

Microduino boards uses various drivers to be able to communicate and program the different Core modules. The two drivers that are required to be installed are the FTDI VCP drivers and CH341 driver.


Most of the core modules will require the FTDI Virtual COM port drivers.

The latest drivers can be found on the official FTDI website here: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

CH341 Driver

This driver is required for the mCookie mBattery module.

The latest driver package can be found on the official WCH website here: http://www.wch.cn/ (Chinese).

Boards Manager

With Arduino IDE version 1.6.4 and above support for Boards Manager adds the ability to install board definitions (including libraries and examples) to the official Arduino IDE. It also allows to receive updates on board definitions. This is a convenient way to stay up to date without having to install different custom Arduino IDEs for various board types.

Adding the Board URL

Open the official Arduino IDE. Ensure it is version 1.6.4 and above which has the Boards Manager feature.

Boards Manager 01.jpg

Go to preferences under

  • File > Preferences on Windows
  • Arduino > Preferences on Mac OS.

Boards Manager 02.jpg

There should a section called Additional Boards Manager URLs Click on the little icon to the right. Add a new line for the Microduino Boards URL:


Hit OK to add the URL.

Then OK in the Preferences window.

Download the Board Definitions

Go to Tools > Boards > Boards Manager...

Boards Manager 03.jpg

Type in "Microduino" in the Filter your search... text field.

A results should show Microduino AVR Boards by Microduino Inc.

Click on that and hit the install button.

The board definitions should now start downloading and installing.

Once complete go under Tools > Boards and check for the new Microduino boards you can select.