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The Light sensor is a sensor which is able to detect light levels. Support for this sensor is found in mDesigner.

Compatible Pins

The following pins on the Hub or mCenter+'s Hub support this module:

Hub AnalogRead Pins.png
Pin Name Compatibility Notes
Pin 0 No
Pin 1 No
Pin 2 No
Pin 3 No
Pin 4 No
Pin 5 No
Pin 6 No
Pin 7 No
Pin 8 No
Pin 9 No
Pin 10 No
Pin 11 No
Pin 12 No
Pin 13 No
Pin A0 Yes
Pin A1 Yes
Pin A2 Yes
Pin A3 Yes
Pin A6 Yes
Pin A7 Yes
Pin I2C No


Analog Read Pin

This block reads the value of the pin. A value between 0 and 1023 will be returned. In Arduino, this is known as an analog read (analogRead).

Light Sensor State Table
Light Amount Value Produced
No Light <200
Finger Covering the Sensor 200~300
Ambient Light 700~900
10 Inches from the Sun 1023
MDesigner Analog Read.png
  • Pin Number - the pin number to read from.