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mCookie Kits are kits that contains various mCookie Modules and accessories in a bundled package. There are several maker kits designed for various levels of expertise and project complexes. In addition, there are project kits which aim to provide all components for a single complete project.

Maker Kits

mCookie Maker Kits are designed for makers to come up with their own projects. These kits provide the basic building blocks to create a large variety of projects. There are currently three tiers of maker kits starting with mCookie Basic Kit, followed by mCookie Advanced Kit, and finally mCookie Expert Kit. Additional mCookie Modules, components, and accessories are added as tier level increases.

There are currently two generations of mCookie Maker Kits, the first generation with suffix -01 and the second generation (current) with suffix -02.

Notable improvements are an improved mCookie Hub, better sensor cables, new modules types, mBattery, and universal sensor and trinket sizes with new building brick housings.

Kit Generation
101 Basic Kit First Generation
201 Advanced Kit First Generation
301 Expert Kit First Generation
102 Basic Kit Second Generation
202 Advanced Kit Second Generation
302 Expert Kit Second Generation
Kit Recommended Experience Project Complexity

mCookie Basic Kit

mCookie Advanced Kit

mCookie Expert Kit

See comparison of contents between the Basic, Advanced and Expert Maker kits

Project Kits

mCookie Project Kits are designed to be complete kits that contain everything need to build and complete a project or a set projects.

These kits may include:

There is currently one mCooke Project kit, which is the Itty Bitty City kit.

Kit Recommended Experience Project Complexity
Itty Bitty City.png

Itty Bitty City