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About the mCookie Series

The mCookie by Microduino is a modular, stackable, building blocks compatible electronics platform which supports Arduino, Mixly, and Scratch for programming.

The series evolved from Microduino's original series with additional various improvements focus on ease of use.

The mCookie Series was crowd funded on June 17th, 2015 on kickstarter with 856 backers which pledged a total of $167,570 USD.


Each of mCookie's components are modular and designed to connect together. Each module has a specific function and are color coded based on functionality.

Core Communication

Core modules are the brains and logic. These contain the Arduino compatibile micro-controller which does the main processing.
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Communication modules enables wireless communication such as Bluetooth or WiFi.
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Function Extension

Function modules enables extra functionaility such as audio playback or motion detection.
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Extension modules enables control of additional electronics such as motors or an OLED display.
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See list of all mCookie modules



  • Arduino
  • Mixly & Scratch

Mid-2016 Revision

  • mBattery
  • Bluetooth Upload Module
  • Hub and Sensor Cable Reliability
  • Standardize Sensor Sizes and Block Connector Housings