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About the mCookie Series

mCookie Dimensions

The mCookie by Microduino is a modular, stackable, building blocks compatible electronics platform which supports Arduino, Mixly, and Scratch for programming.

The series evolved from Microduino's original series with additional various improvements focus on ease of use.

The mCookie Series was crowd funded on June 17th, 2015 on kickstarter with 856 backers which pledged a total of $167,570 USD.


Each of mCookie's components are modular and designed to connect together.

Each module has a specific function and are color coded based on functionality.

Core Communication

Core modules are the brains and logic. These contain the Arduino compatibile micro-controller which does the main processing.
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Communication modules enables wireless communication such as Bluetooth or WiFi.
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Function Extension

Function modules enables extra functionaility such as audio playback or motion detection.
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Extension modules enables control of additional electronics such as motors or an OLED display.
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See list of all mCookie modules


The mCookie Series modules were designed to be stack-able, magnetized, with pogo pins and building block compatibility. These features makes it a snap to assemble projects.

Stack-able Magnetized

Stack-able -- The modules were designed to be stack on top of each other. This ensures simple connectivity and compact footprint.

MCookie Magnetic.jpg

Magnetized -- Embedded magnetic ensures modules stay together and prevents incorrect orientation.

Pogo Pins Building Block Compatibility
MCookie Pogo Pins.jpg

Pogo Pins -- These spring loaded pins allows for durable and friction-less connections.
(Read more) about the 27 pins and their functions

MCookie Stackable.png

Build Block Compatible -- Designed to be compatible with building blocks to ensure quick incorporation into projects.




The mCookie Series is programmable from the Microduino IDE, which is a modified version of the Arduino IDE.

The Microduino IDE includes:

  • Board definitions for the various core modules
  • Code libraries for modules in the series
  • Simple how-to example code for modules (ie. simple code to control a Color LED.)
  • Project examples code for various mCookie Series kits

Mixly & Scratch

Visual Editor.jpg

The mCookie Series is programmable with graphical visual drag-and-drop programming. Both Mixly and Scratch are supported.

Mid-2016 Revision

New revisions to the mCookie Series occured Mid-2016. These improvements were in part from consumer feedback.

Standardized Housings mBattery
IBC Rev Stackable.png

Standardize Sensor Sizes and Block Connector Housings - Although not considered part of the mCookie Series, but still an integral part of the series, the Sensors & Trinket series received an overhaul with all sensors and trinkets being standardize to a single sized. Additionally, new building block housings were incorporated to each and every sensor and trinket. This allowed for easier incorporation to projects.

IBC Rev mBattery.png

mBattery - This new module is both a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, core programmer, and is compatible with building blocks to ensure easier incorporation into projects. This reduced the size and number of modules required to power up projects.

Bluetooth Upload Hub Sensor Reliability
IBC Rev BTUpload.png

Bluetooth Upload Module - A new mCookie Communication module was introduced which allows for uploading wirelessly / remotely over Bluetooth from an Smart Phone.


Hub and Sensor Cable Reliability - The mCookie Hub module received an upgrade for sturdier connectors. Along, with additional spacing between connectors to ensure adequate space when plugging in sensor cables. Sensor cables also received an upgrade with better quality and reliability.