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Welcome to Microduino Wikipedia
Small size, big energy! Microduino and mCookie bring small, powerful and stackable electronic hardware to players, engineers, designers, students and imaginative inventors of all ages. You can use them to set up open-source projects or create new plans.
All Microduino and mCookie boards are Arduino-compatible. Veteran players can write programs under Arduino development environment and upload code through USB cable. Novices can drag the pre-written code through open-source Scratch.
Microduino holds the size and prototype design cost down mostly, improve the practicability and flexibility of Arduino-compatible boards, and brings better experience to players of all ages with different proficiency. Microduino and mCookie modules, sensors and the relevant kits are mainly applied to players’ creativity realization, electronic prototype development and production in limited quantities and other stages.

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Welcome to Microduino Community


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