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Microduino-BRIGHT LED Sensor

Microduino-BRIGHT LED Sensor owns a size of 5mm*5mm.


  • Control the lightness of LED via PWM
  • Small size and easy installation


  • 5V operation voltage
  • Size: 20.32*20.32mm;
  • 1.27mm-pitch and 4pin interface



The operation voltage of Microduino-BRIGHT LED Sensor is 5V. It can generally be controlled by digital port drive or by PWM. Each LED owns current-limiting resistance, which can avoid burning due to high electricity current.


  • Hardware needed: Microduino-Core, Microduino-USBTTL, USB cable and dupont line;
  • Stack all the modules and connect with dupont line: Connect VCC of BRIGHT LED to the 5V interface of Core, GND to GND, IN to D13. (You can refer to pin description picture above.)
  • Open Arduino IDE, select File→Examples→Basics→Blink example and choose the right board, then download after compiling.
  • You can see BRIGHT LED blink one time per second after the download.
  • As for PWM control, you can refer to: Lesson 6 --The Program PWM control of LED brightness --Breathing light




  • Front
Microduino-Cube-Station Front
  • Back
Microduino-Cube-Station Back