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Microduino-KEYBOARD Sensor

Microduino-KEYBOARD Sensor consists of eight keys with an analog interface output.


  • Adopt resistance divider and eight keys can be recognized by one single I/O.
  • Small size and easy for installation.


  • Eight keys to match different resistance values;
  • 1.27mm-pitch 4Pin interface;
  • Size: 20.32*20.32mm
  • Operation voltage: 5V



The analog key is used for detecting analog quantity. Each key is used to match different resistor for grounding on one side and connects VCC through a resistor one the other side. By pressing each key, you can get different analog values. Thus, you can tell the key from different analog value. With only one I/O interface, you can tell eight keys, which saves a lot.


  • Open Arduino IDE, select File→Examples→Basics→AnalogReadSerial, choose the right board and download after compiling.
  • Open serial monitor after download, press different keys and watch reading changes as well as the return values. So, you can judge which press is pressed by the return values and readings.




  • Front
Microduino-Cube-Station Front
  • Back
Microduino-Cube-Station Back