Microduino GPS recorder-306KIT

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Project:Microduino GPS Recorder

Objective:Adopt the Microduino GPS module to acquire the geographic information and store it into Microduino-SD.


Time-consuming:2 hours

Maker:Microduino Studio-YLB

Bill of Materials

  • Microduino module:(MICRODUINO 203KIT)
Module Number Function
Microduino-Core+ 1 Core module
Microduino-FT232R 1 Program download
Microduino-NEO-6M 1 GPS module
Microduino-SD 1 Information storage
Microduino-OLED 1 Information Display
306KIT picture



Step 1:Build the hardware

Stack all the modules. Just put the GPS antenna outside, or it can not receive the signal.


Step 2:Download the program If wanting to keep the default jumper (RX0、TX1), you need to unplug the Microduino NEO-6M during the download;

Step 3:Debug Find an open area to debug for better signal. The current status of the module can be judged by the PPS indicator: lighting, indicates that the module has started to work, but hasn't achieved position information. Flashing (100ms off, 900ms on), means that the module has been successfully positioned.


You can see the parameters after acquiring the positioning information and you can also record the data into the memory card.

  • Walking speed
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Signal intensity
  • The number of satellites
  • Altitude


  • Before download the program, please make sure the jumper connection firstly,detailed information refer to:Microduino-GPS
  • Debugging need in the open area.