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*Start to install drive program after configuring IDE.   
*Start to install drive program after configuring IDE.   
*Installation Method:   
*Installation Method:   
**'''[[Arduino IDE Driver Install]]'''
**'''[[Arduino IDE Driver Installation]]'''
**Support Mac OS and Windows
**Support Mac OS and Windows

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  • You need firstly install IDE and drive program.

Step1: IDE Configuration

  • Configure the IDE

Step1.1: Arduino IDE Download

  • Since Microduino is totally compatible with Arduino, you should install the basic IDE first of all.

Step1.2: Hardware Support Package

  • For configuring different Microduino core modules, you need to install Microduino hardware support package to Arduino IDE.

Step1.3: Program Library Support Package

  • For dozens of Microduino modules, we sort out this arduino compatible program library support package, which you can download for individual needs.

Step 2: Drive Program

Step3: Start a Journey of Microduino