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  • Project: Microduino encoder controls computer
  • Objective: Use the Microduino-32U4 and rotary encoder to simulate the keyboard. Press it to simulate the "Ctrl+tab", and rotate it to move the windows (up and down).
  • Difficulty: High
  • Time-consuming: 3 hours
  • Maker: Microduino Studio-PKJ

Bill of Materials

  • Microduino equipment
Module Number Function
Microduino-Core 1 Core module
Microduino-FT232R 1 Download program
Microduino-32U4 1 Simulate keyboard and core module
  • Other equipment
rotary encoder 1 Simulate the keyboard command
USB cable 1 Power for core module


Download Microduino firmware package: http://www.microduino.cc/wiki/index.php?title=%E5%AE%89%E8%A3%85Arduino_IDE_Microduino%E7%A1%AC%E4%BB%B6%E6%94%AF%E6%8C%81%E5%8C%85

Download test program: https://github.com/Microduino/Microduino_Tutorials/tree/master/Microduino_Advanced_Tutorial/Microduino_32u4_KEY


  • Prepare:
  • Download Microduino frimware package, unzip to hardware folder of IDE;
  • Step 1: Set up system, as follows:
Rotary encoder setup.jpg
  • Step 2: Open the test program, compile it and download.
Rotary encoder download.jpg
  • Step 3: After download, use the encoder to control.

Program explanation

Use Arduino's USB library to relize the keyboard data input.

1.Function "Keyboard.write();" means that only press key one time. Function "Keyboard.press()" means that always hold the key, to cooperate with function "Keyboard.releaseAll()" used together;

2.Input case alphanumeric directly and use single quotation to mark. For example, input character "M": "Keyboard.write('M');". Input special key, you can find the key nambe in file "hardware\arduino\cores\arduino\USBAPI.h", if you want to input "enter", just like this:"Keyboard.write(KEY_RETURN);".

3.Read the I/O port voltage to judge the if the encoder was pressed which use to simulate the "Ctrl+Tab".

4.Use the interrupt to judge the directory of encoder, then choose the value. We have changed the firmware, so you need download Microduino's firmware package.

5.doEncoder() use to simulate the up and down key.

6.In main function to judge if the encoder was pressed to simulate "Ctrl+Tab".


Rotary encoder simulates the keyboard to realize the up and down key. Press the encoder to simulate the "Ctri+tab". You change the key value to finish other experiment.

Pay attention issue

  • Compile the program must use the 32U4, because only 32U4 can support USB protocol.
  • Need download latest Microduino firmware package.