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Scared of the dark?
Daytime: Nightlight will remain dark.
Nighttime: Nightlight will turn on if there are noises in its surroundings.
You can also just press a Button yourself to turn the Nightlight on at any time!

Modules List


Module Quantity Function
Core 1 Core
mBattery 1 Program download and power supply
Hub 1 Sensor adapter
Crash 1 Switch
Color LED 2 Color LED
Microphone 1 Detect sound
Light Sensor 1 Detect light

Other Equipment

  • USB Cable*1
  • Sensor Cable*5
  • Sensor shell*5
  • Building blocks or other fixation structures

Modules Setup

Nightlight Connection.png
 We recommend you use the same Sensor Cable colors in the diagram. 
  • Assemble modules and sensors together:
    • Stack Core and Hub onto mBattery;
    • Connect Color LEDs in serial and then connect them to pin 12/13 on Hub;
    • Connect MIC to pin A6/A7 on Hub;
    • Connect Crash to pin 6/7 on Hub;
    • Connect Light sensor to pin A2/A3 on Hub;
    • Insert one end of USB cable into mBattery and then connect the other to computer.

Program Download

See Software Setup: Arduino

Technical Specifications

  • Serial number of Light Sensor: Light-A1
  • Analog sensor
  • For details, see Sensor-Light-A1