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Microduino Crash-rect.jpg


The Microduino Crash Sensor is module which can detect if it is pressed or not. It acts a button or switch.

Technical Specifications

  • SKU / module number: MSDS11
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Connectors: n/a
  • Chip Used: n/a
  • Schematics: File:Na
  • Dimensions:

Compatible Pins

Use a connector wire to connect this module to either a Microduino Hub module, mCookie Hub module, mCenter+, or any other boards which accepts the standard 4-pin connector for a sensor / trinket.

This module requires a digital input compatible pin as shown below:

image of compatible pins

Hardware Setup

The bare minimum hardware configurations to used this module is as follows.

Microduino Series

  • 1x a Microduino core module (Core, Core+, CoreUSB, CoreRF)
  • 1x Microduino USBTTL
  • 1x Microduino Connector Hub
  • 1x Connector Wire
  • 1x USB Cable

mCookie Series