MCookie Modules

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Core Modules

Core Modules are the brains of the project. (Read more...)

Core (ATmega328p) Core+ (ATmega644pa) Core+ (ATmega1284pa) CoreUSB (ATmega32u4) CoreRF (ATmega128rfa1)
MCookie-core-rect.jpg MCookie-core+-rect.jpg MCookie-core+-rect.jpg MCookie-core32U4-rect.jpg MCookie-CoreRF.JPG

Core Programmers

Core Programmers are used to program Core Modules. (Read more...)

USBTTL USBttlC mBattery
MCookie--FT232-rect.jpg MCookie--CH340-rect.jpg 200px

Function Modules

Function Modules add functionalities to projects. (Read more...)

Audio AudioPro Amplifier RTC SD
MCookie-Audio-rect.jpg Microduino-AudioPro-rect.jpg MCookie-lm4863-rect.jpg MCookie-rtc-rect.jpg MCookie-SD-rect.jpg
Motion GPS Battery Management
MCookie-Motion-rect.jpg MCookie-GPS-rect.jpg MCookie-bm-rect.jpg

Communication Modules

Communication Modules enables wireless communication to projects. (Read more...)

[[|mCookie-BT|Bluetooth]] Wifi NFC
MCookie-bt-rect.jpg MCookie-8266-rect.jpg MCookie-NFC-rect.jpg