AM2312 Temp.& Hum Sensor

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Function of the Modules


Measure the temperature and humidity with the temperature and humidity sensor, and use the serial port monitor to print the tested data.

Bill of Materials

  • Module
Module Number Function
mCookie-CoreUSB 1 Core board
[[mCookie-Hub] 1 Sensor adapter
Microduino-Temp&Hum 1 Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Other Hardware Equipment
    • USB cable one piece

Building Hardware

  • Setup 1:Connect the temperature and humidity sensor with the IIC of Hub, and it can only be connected to the IIC.
  • Setup 2:Connect CoreUSB, Hub, and the temperature and humidity together, and connect them to the computer with USB cable.

Mixly Programming

  • Step1:Because the serial port monitor is used, you need to find the serial port communication control in the communication.
Mixly Serial.jpg
  • Step2:The introduction of the serial port communication control
  • Step3:Find the temperature and humidity module in Microduino sensors.
  • The introduction of the temperature and humidity module.
  • If you want to print the content of the text that the custom defined, you can find it in the text.
Mixly text.jpg
  • The introduction of the overall code


  • Step1:Choose the board card(Core USB 32U4) and COM port(the default is automatic identification)correctly.
Mixly board COM.jpg
  • Step2:Open the serial port monitor.
Mixly COMXX.jpg
  • Step3:Confirm that the serial port baud rate is consistent with the set.
Mixly COMXX ok.jpg
  • Step4:Observe the data, and when you hold the sensor in hands, you can see that the temperature and the humidity will increase, and the humidity increases faster than the temperature.