ArduBlock Scratch Getting Started

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Software Preparation

  • Build Microduino development environment, referring to: Microduino Getting started.
  • Ardublock jar environment packet, referring to official website:



Build Ardublock Development Environment

  • Start Arduino IDE and open "File"->"Preferences".
MicroduinoGettingStart Preferences.jpg
  • Find "Sketchbook location:" and open file directory in calculation.
    • Under home directory of "Documents/ Arduino" by default in Mac.
    • Under home directory of "sketchbook" by default in Linux.
    • Under home directory of "Documents\ Arduino" by default in Windows.
MicroduinoGettingStart Sketch.jpg
  • Create tools directory here;
  • Create the directory of ArduBlockTool under tools.
  • Create tool directory under ArduBlockTool.
  • Put the downloaded ArduBlock jar under the directory of tool.
Microduino ArduBlock road.jpg
  • Restart Arduino and you will find ArduBlock under "Tool". You can begin programming by clicking "start".
Microduino ArduBlock ok.jpg
Microduino ArduBlock face.jpg
Microduino ArduBlock language.jpg


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