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  • Here are some problems often asked by some friends.
    • The originally normal FT232R(USBTTL) suddenly just cannot be recognized by the computer; **Check the device management and you can only see an unknown device---" FT232R USB UART ";
    • So you turn to another computer, but the module can only be recognized as " FT232R USB UART " and another time of drive installation just doesn't work.

If you have met the problems above, please refer to: Solution to FT232R (USBTTL) Error

Hardware Connection

Drive Installation

  • It will appear new hardware recognized and then begin to search intra-system drive. If it doesn't find the drive, you need to install the drive manually.

  • Right click on the icon "Computer" and select "Management" and then open "Device manager", you can see the unrecognized hardware marked with "!".

  • Right click on the unrecognized hardware and select driver software update. Choose browse for Computer to search driver software in the pop-up dialog.

  • Choose the right subdirectory of drivers in the downloaded Arduino IDE directory .
** Note: If your computer still cannot find the drive, please further focus on " \drivers\FTDI USB Drivers".

  • Click for the next step and the installation is finished.
    • Note: If you fail to install the drive in win8, you need to start digital visa for installation.

  • After the installation, COM port will be displayed.
  • Select the right module and serial port, you can enjoy endless possibilities brought about by Microduino.

Mac OS

Drive Installation

USB driver for Mac

  • Install USB drive. Although the software package is named

FTDIUSBSerialDriver_10_4_10_5_10_6_10_7, it can also be perfectly used in MAC OS X 10.9.3.

Select Driver

Hardware Connection

  • Connect Microduino-FT232R to your Mac with MicroUSB cable;
  • You will see dev/tty.usbserial-XXXXXXXX
Serial Port

  • Choose the right module and serial port and enjoy your fantastic experience with Microduino.