Core STM32 Startup Guide

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Setup Microduino-CoreSTM32 with Maple IDE (Windows)

  • Download Maple IDE on
  • Although the document says Maple only supports WinXP 32-bit, but you can also run it on Windows 7 or Windows 8 with some workaroud.
Download Maple IDE
  • UnZip the Maple IDE into a folder, like C:\maple\
  • If you are using Windows XP, just plug Microduino-CoreSTM32 into your USB port, Open your Device Manager, you will see a Device named "Maple", with a yellow exclamation.
  • Right click on the Maple, Select "Update Driver". Click on "Not this time", then Next.
  • Select the following option: Install from a list or specific location (Advanced), and then click Next.
  • Select "Search for the best drivers in these locations", Click on "Include this location in the search, and then Browse into folder like "C:\maple\drivers", Click Next.
  • You should now have the CoreSTM32 driver installed.

If you ar using Windows 7 64bit or Windows 8

Programming Microduino-CoreSTM32

  • Make sure you have already installed driver of CoreSTM32.If you use the upper software, you should installed all the packate for STM32 module.
  • Run Maple IDE, click menu Tools -> Board, select Microduino-CoreSTM32 to RAM if you just want to test the program, or Microduino-CoreSTM32 to Flash if you want to run the program after resetting the board.

Setup Microduino-CoreSTM32 with ST-Link debugger

If you have a ST-Link debugger or a STMicroelectronics' Discovery board, you can debug and download programs using ST-Link.

ST-Link Debugger connection

SWD Pin JTAG Pin Pin Name CoreSTM32 Pin MCU Pin Description
1 1 VDD_TARGET 3V3 VDD VDD from the CoreSTM32
2 9 SW_CLK D6 PA14 SWD Clock
3 8 GND GND GND Ground
4 7 SWDIO D5 PA13 SWD Data input/output
5 15 NRST RST NRST Reset
6 13 SWO D8 PB3 TRACESWO if async trace enabled, not necessary

Download bootloader(firmware) using Microduino-USB2TTL

  • Plug CoreARM on USB2TTL module, connect the USB2TTL module(NOT CoreARM) to your computer.
  • Open Flash loader demonstrator, when you see the following dialog, press and hold the BUT button, then click the RESET button, and then release the BUT button. Then click "Next"
Flash loader - 1
  • Click Next again on this page
Flash loader - 2
  • Check if the Target is 128K, and all pages are UnProtected, click Next
Flash loader - 3
  • Select "Download to Device", browse to the "maple_mini_boot.bin", click Next
Flash loader - 4
  • Wait for the progress finish. When the Flash loader promts "Download operation finished successfully", your Microduino-CoreSTM32 is OK to use!
Flash loader - 5