Getting started: Mixly for Windows

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Download Mixly

Download the latest Mixly from the Microduino download page:

Mixly Windows Setup 01.jpg

Download Java

Mixly uses Java to run. To download Java, visit this page:

Download and complete the installation for Java.

Download Drivers

Driver Installation

Microduino boards uses various drivers to be able to communicate and program the different Core modules. The two drivers that are required to be installed are the FTDI VCP drivers and CH341 drivers.

Sections below are for manually installing the drivers. Or alternatively, install the Microduino IDE which comes bundle with both of the drivers in the installation package (but doesn't include Mixly).


Most of the core modules will require the FTDI Virtual COM port drivers.

The latest drivers can be found on the official FTDI website here:

CH341 Driver

The CH341 driver is required for the mCookie mBattery module.

The latest driver package can be found on the official WCH website here: (Chinese).


  • Download Mixly from the section above.
  • Unzip the file

Mixly Windows Setup 02.jpg

  • Open the folder and open Mixly.jar

Mixly Windows Setup 03.jpg

  • Mixly will launch.

Mixly Windows Setup 04.jpg