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The guide below is a software setup guide for mDesign under the Mac OS platform aimed for general use of Microduino products.

For kit specific getting started guides please follow the appropriate links in the #Kit_Specific_Software_Setup_Guides section:

Kit Specific Software Setup Guides

If your kit is not listed, please proceed following the general setup guide below.


Download the latest mDesigner (for Mac): HERE

MDesigner Download.png


Security Settings

  • Change your settings to allow identified developers by going to: (Apple Logo) >>> System Preferences...
  • Then go to Security & Privacy.

MacTutorial Settings 2.png

  • Click on then Lock icon and enter your credentials to be able to change settings.
  • Under Allow apps download from: select App Store and identified developers
  • Click the Lock icon again to lock and save changes.

MacTutorial Settings 3.png

  • Open the downloaded file. A folder will open containing the mDesigner software and drivers for the hardware.

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 02.png

Drivers Installation

CP210X Driver

  • Open the CP210X Install folder. This is a driver that needs to be installed.

Mac Install SliDriver.png

  • Open SliLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

Mac Driver Install SliDriver Prompt.png

CH34x Driver

  • Important Note: This driver requires you to restart your computer. Save all work before installing this driver!!!
  • Once completed return to the main folder. Open the USBTTL-C Install folder. This folder contains the driver needed to communicate with the Microduino hardware.

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 02.png MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 03.png

  • Launch the CH34x_Install___.pkg to start the driver installation process.

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 04.png

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 05.png

Application Copying

  • Return back to the open downloaded folder and open the Application shortcut. This will open a your Application folder on your computer.

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 06.pngMDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 07.png

  • Drag the mDesigner folder into the opened Application folder. This will copy the folder into your computer's Application folder.
MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 08.png
MDesigner InstallGuide for Mac 09.png
  • Locate the mDesigner folder in your computer's Application folder (if there is partial circle, it is currently copying, wait until copying is complete).
  • Locate the file and launch it. (Make a note, you'll launch mDesigner from this location in the future.)

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 10.png

  • Confirm you wish to open the file downloaded from the internet. This only needs to be done once.

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 11.png

  • mDesigner will start loading.

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 12.png

  • mDesigner will complete loading and will be ready to use.

MDesigner InstallGuide For Mac 13.png