Itty Bitty Buggy: Example Outline (mDesigner)

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Examples will be presented in the following format for ease of assembly:

Note: this example is performed in online mode.

If you have overwritten the firmware when using "offline mode", please follow the instructions to reset back to "online mode".

Blocks Used
Block Category Blocks
Events MDesigner When Click Green Flag block new.png Info icon.png
Buggy IBB Buggy icon.png IBB mDesigner ColorLED Set Color NoLabels.png Info icon.png

IBB mDesigner ColorLED Example1.png

Description: When activated, ColorLED "A" on Buggy Base will turn red.

  • The top usually has a note regarding whether this particular example is to be used in online or offline mode.
  • The left hand side will contain Block Category and Block.
    • A Block will have a Block Category. This indicates where that specific Block can be found at.
  • The right hand side will contain the Example.
    • This is the completely assembled Example. It is your job to assemble the example. Pre-assembled saved project files are not provided in order to teach the user the importance of assembling the blocks together correctly.
  • The bottom has a Description of what the example does.

Please make note of this format when following the tutorials.