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mCookie-Base is a discharging management module that the single lithium battery boosts to 5V output and LDO to 3.3V output , and at the same time it integrates the Hub sensor interface. You need to use it with Microduino-BM, equivalent to cell box+Hub.


  • Support UPS(need to cooperate Microduino-BM);
  • Highly integration of electricity detection, 5v booster, and 3.3v LDO ;
  • Integrate Hub sensor interfaces.


  • Microduino-BM interface:
    • A 1.27-spacing 4Pin interface, the one labeled("VUSB","SWI","BAT" and "GND"), through which be connected with Microduino-BM;
    • The interfaces playing a role of UPIN27 includes 5V, 3V3, and GND;A7 of BM can detect the analog voltage, and can judge the electricity quality of the battery through detecting the voltage of battery with mc. You mustn’t rely on the protection circuit to protect the battery, because the protection circuit is only working in extreme cases.
  • Hub sensor interfaces:
    • 12 totally. Each is marked on the name of the corresponding core pin.

Description of pins

Power Supply

  • When the Microduino-BM is connected and it is in a state of power supply(switch on), the 5v provides 1a power output, and the 3.3v provides 700ma power output.


PCB File:Battery Mange.rar

Main Components


  • Microduino BM Shield, and connect to 3.7 single section lithium battery or USB;
  • Use 1.27-spacing 4PIN line to connect Microduino-BM;
  • Electric energy calculation:
//Voltage detection pin, A7pin
#define PIN_bat A7  //BAT

//MCU working voltage, which need to be chosen according to the situation.
#define MCU_VOLTAGE 50
//#define MCU_VOLTAGE 33

#define _V_max 41   //4.2V
#define _V_min 35   //3.7V

#define _V_fix 0.2  //fix battery voltage
#define _V_math(Y) (_V_fix+((Y*analogRead(PIN_bat)/1023.0f)/(33.0f/(51.0f+33.0f))))

uint8_t batVoltage() {
  return constrain(_V_math(MCU_VOLTAGE), _V_min, _V_max);


  • Lithium battery boosts to power Microduino core.




Micrmodule BM Front
Micrmodule BM Back