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mCookie-SD module is aimed at realizing the reading and writing to the storage card.


  • Adopt high reliability of contact structure, and 2.2mm and 2.4mm thick slim MicroSD card.
  • Small, cheap, stackable and open.
  • Open-source hardware circuit design, and compatible-with-Arduino programming development environment.


  • Type of SD card supported: MicroSD(TF).


Main Component


Arduino Library and Support Package

  • You can store and read the date through combining Microduino core modules and sensors modules to realize memory, analysis, and processing.


Program Download

Testing program:File:Program Test

Test of Reading, Writing and Removing toward Microduino-SD Files

  • Hardware needs to be prepare: Microduino FT232R、Microduino Core、Microduino SD;
  • Software needs to be prepared: The testing programs (Arduino end)Microduino provides, Arduino IDE(Version 1.0 and above) and SD library;
  • Put the downloaded library files into the libraries in Arduino IDE installation folder;
  • Start Arduino IED, open the testing programs that Microduino provides, the board card choose Microduino Core (Atmega328P@16M,5V), and directly download;
  • A total of four pieces, which can be checked coordinated with OLED(if you have not an OLED, you can use a serial port monitor to check):
    • Whether CS pins can match it.
    • Write data to SD card;
    • Read the data of the specified files in SD;
    • Remove the specified files in SD card.