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Function of the Module

Example 1: "Hello Word!"


How does your computer communicate with mCookie? The serial port plays an important role here. We can use the serial monitor to debug data or give control instructions to core module through the serial port.

Bill of Material

Installation Steps

Step1:Connect the CoreUSB to the computer via a USB cable.

CoreUSB Ble pc.jpg

Step2:Open Mixly software; Set the baud rate of the serial communication. The baud rate is a speed of communication and the serial monitor should be consistent with it, which can be found in the communication control.

Mixly Serial.jpg

Step3:Find "Print" under the item of "Control", which can print the information you want in the serial monitor. It'll wrap automatically after printing and print next information.

Step4:Fill in the content you want to print in the item of "Text", which must be English characters.

Mixly text.jpg

Step5:Find "Wait and delay time" in the item of "Control", which means it'll delay for a while and then perform other.

Mixly delay.jpg

Step6:See syntax description after buildup.


Step1:Select the right board card(Core USB 32U4) and COM port(Recognized automatically by default).

Mixly board COM.jpg

Step2:Open the serial monitor.

Mixly COMXX.jpg

Step3:Make sure the serial baud rate is the same with the pre-set one.

Mixly COMXX ok.jpg

Step4:You can see " Hello Word!" printed on the serial monitor every second.