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Microduino-3D Printer

Microduino-3D Printer is a 3D printer controller, which includes a control board as well as a controller.


  • Support SD card offline print (Only need to stack D]]) and adopt rotary encoder to control.
  • Support long-distance wireless print, such as Bluetooth. Need to stack Microduino-BT.
  • Plug-in module, easy for use and change.
  • Small, powerful and practical. You can make a self-balance robot with stepmotor control.


3D Base Board Control

  • Core
    • Microduino-Core+(ATmega1284P@16M,5V)
  • Electrical
    • 5V stabilivolt: Adopt LM2674 voltage reduction scheme.
    • 3.3V stabilivolt: Adopt AMS1117 voltage reduction scheme.
    • USB or external power supply. You need mini jumpers to connect.
    • External power supply adopts voltage reduction scheme, please make sure power source above 5V.
  • Stepmotor drive
X-MOTOR A2 D14 D15
Y-MOTOR A2 D16 D17
Z-MOTOR A3 D18 D19
E-MOTOR A2 D22 D23
  • Limit switch
    • X-STOP:D4
    • Y-STOP:D5
    • Z-STOP:D6
  • Heat stop control(sensor):
    • Hotbed heat stop:A6
    • Extrusion head heat stop:A7
  • Heating control
    • Hotbed:D8
    • Extrusion head:D9
    • Fan heatsink:D10


  • Rotary encoder selection
  • OLED display
  • Buzzer notice
  • Interface to 3D print base board
Microduino-3D-Print Rule0.JPG

Microduino-3D-Print Rule1.JPG
Microduino-3D-Print Rule2.JPG



  • Controller buildup
    • Connect OLED and base board
    • Fixate the panel, OLED and base board with screws.
  • Connect the controller and 3D print board through dupont wires.
  • Firmware download

The factory download firmware only needs to be re-download unless the system is damaged.

  • Please make sure you built Microduino development environment and need to install Microduino-Core+(1284P 16M,5V) hardware support package. Otherwise, you need refer to Microduino Getting start
  • Firmware download:
  • You need to stack Microduino-USBTTL to download program to the core module.
    • Choose Microduino-Core+ (ATmega1284P@16M,5V) as the board.
  • After the download, you can check the system through the controller. *Here, we only provide drive board.





Microduino-3D Printer Back
Microduino-3D Printer Front
Microduino-3D Printer Front
Microduino-3D Printer Front