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Use Microduino-Joypad-Standard to play classic TV games


Use Core module,in PAL or NTSC formats as audio output,by using Microduino-Joypad-Standard as control signals to play TV games

List of Materials

  • Microduino Equipment
Modules Quantity Function
Microduino-Core/zh 1 Core board
Microduino-Joypad-Standard 1 Remote control
Microduino-USBTTL/zh 1 Program download
  • Other Equipment
    • TV with AV port *1
    • USB cable *1
    • jumper wire several
    • RCA cable *1
    • 1k ohm resistor *1
    • 470 ohm resistor *1

Document Download

  • Download libraries:https://github.com/wasdpkj/libraries;
    • you may need following libraries:_01_Microduino_TFT 、_08_Microduino_Shield_Joypad、_11_Microduino_tvout , please unzip the libraries into Arduino IDE folder and cover the libraries,and then restart IDE compiler



  • Step 5:After compiled code,choose the right board (Microduino-Core) and COM port to download

when download complete,choose AV mode on TV,now it's time to PLAY!

Microduino-Joypad-Standard zk.jpg

Game Test

Game 1:Break the Bricks

  • Push left stick, enter the game;
  • Push right stick, start game;
  • Use left or right stick to catch the ball;
  • You can push KEY2 (second button on the left side)button to pause, and push right stick to resume;
  • You have 3 chances,3 letter can be input after “GAME OVER”,use right stick to pick letters,【KEY1】choose the orders, and then return to start.
Microduino-Joypad-Standard AV.jpg

Game 2:Monster Rivals

  • Push left or right button to enter;
  • Move the left or right stick to run, left or right button to fire;
  • You cannot be hit by monsters, or you'll lose lives;
  • When shoot down a monster, you can add one live afterwards;
  • When “GAME OVER”, push left or right stick/button to restart.
Microduino-Joypad-Standard gw.jpg

Game 3:Super Mary

  • Push right stick to enter;
  • Push-uplist to jump, left or right stick to move;
  • If you fall into a trap or hit the snake, then it's “GAME OVER",push right stick to restart.
Microduino-Joypad-Standard ml.jpg