Microduino-Joypad Game Flappy Bird

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We use Microduino-Joypad-Game as the game console to play Flappy Bird.


We know that Xiao’mi TV can be controlled by a keyboard. Here we adopt Microduino-CoreUSB to simulate a keyboard. The whole game control just needs one【Enter】key, which is simulated by the【key1】of Microduino-Joypad-Game.

Bill of Material

  • Microduino Equipment
Module Number Function
Microduino-CoreUSB 1 Core board
Microduino-Joypad-Game 1 Remote control


  • Library file download:https://github.com/wasdpkj/libraries;
    • You will need:_01_Microduino_TFT and _08_Microduino_Shield_Joypad. Depress the downloaded library file to libraries of Arduino IDE and then restart the IDE editor.



Step 4: Compile the code and select the right board (Microduino-CoreUSB) and COM port download. After that, you can play.

  • Play:
    • Open the game;
    • Connect the system to Xiao’mi TV by a USB cable;
    • Press the【key1】of Microduino-Joypad-Game and you can control the game.
Microduino-Joypad-tv game1.png


You can have a remote control of the game by wireless module. |}