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Microduino-ENC28J60 must be stacked with Microduino-RJ45 to compose into a completed network module, and it can’t be used alone.

Microduino-ENC28J60 adopts the Ethernet controller that is compatible with the single chip network interface chip IEEE 802.3of the high-performance SPI bus in company MicroChip, and integrates MACand 10BASE-T PHY, and supports full duplex and half duplex mode. It should be used stacked with Microduino-RJ45 to reduce the size further.


  • Adopts U-shape 27pin Microduino standard interface, and be used stacked with module Microduino-RJ45. Plug and play;
  • Open-source hardware circuit design, and compatible-with-Arduino program development environment;
  • With unified Microduino interface specification and abundant periphery modules, which make it can be quickly extended and connected with other modules and sensors which meet the Microduino interface specification, conveniently and flexibly;
  • With 2.54-spacing female header connector interface, which is convenient for the integration to the pegboard.


  • Communication protocol:
    • Adopts MicroChip company's Ethernet controller which is compatible with the single chip network interface chip IEEE 802.3 of the high-performance SPI bus, and integrates MAC and 10BASE-T PHY;
  • PHY characteristic
    • Shaping output filter
    • Loop-back mode
  • Operating mode
    • Supports full duplex and half duplex;
  • Update rate
    • SPI interface, of which the SPI clock can achieve 20MHZ at most, and the speed can achieve 10Mb/s at most ;
    • 25 MHz clock;
  • Characteristics of interfaces
    • TTL electric level input;
    • Single power supply: 3.3V;
    • Uses seven interrupt sources, each of which has two interrupt pins;
  • Status indicator
    • Two programmable LED outputs which is used to show the status of connection, sending, receiving, conflict, full duplex and half duplex;

Introduction of Pins

Microduino-ENC28J60 Spec
Microduino-ENC28J60 Spec

Name of module ENC28J60's pin Microduino pin Function
SCK D13 SPI bus clock
SI D12 Data input pin
SO D11 Data output pin
CS D8 SPI chip select signal (needs to be defined in the program)
INT D2 Interruption function(it is INT0 here)
RST RST Reset function


Eagle PCB File:Microduino-Enc28j60.zip

Main Components


  • Please confirm that the current of the +3.3v power source can achieve 200ma at first. It is not recommended that adopt FT232R to debug directly, because the +3.3v current the FT232R outputs is too weak.

Arduino Library and Support Package



Microduino-ENC28J60 Development Guide

  • Microduino tutorial online(wiki.microduino.cc)


  • Does this module support the interchanger of 802.3af PoE?
    • No.
  • Which POE standard does it use?
    • 802.3af 100P
  • Does the current library only support single package on a connection?
    • Each connects to a single package.



  • On December 29, 2012, the third version, modified bugs, and resolved problems that some interchangers weren’t supported and serious package loss. Thank @Hulinren.
  • On November 18, 2012, the second version, confirmed the distribution of Microduino I/O pins, and rearranged the boards and passed through the test.
  • On November 8, 2012, the first version, the functions were basically completed.


Micromodule ENC28J60 Front
Micromodule ENC28J60 Back