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Microduino-USBTTL module, is a switching chip based on CH340 USB bus, and it can be directly connected with mCookie-Core , mCookie-Core+ or mCookie-CoreRF, to make them communicate with the computer, to download programs and debug serial ports.


  • When downloading programs, you can use it and it can be reused.
  • When debugging programs, you can directly use MicroUSB to supply power.


  • Full-speed USB device interface, compatible with USB V2.0.
  • Fully compatible with the serial port application programs under the computer terminal Windows operating system, no needing of modifying.
  • Hardware full duplex serial ports, and the built-in transceiver buffer, supporting communication baud rate 50bps~2Mbps.
  • Software is compatible with CH341, so you can directly use CH341 driver.
  • Support 5V and 3.3V power voltage.
  • Meet the RoHS standard.


  • Main components used in Microduino-USBTTL
  • Chip:CH340
  • Interface:MicroUSB


  • Install Microduino for Arduino IDE development environment:Arduino IDE 1.6.7 can drive automatically.



  • Can external power supply be used together with USBTTLC to supply power to the system?
    • Because the 3.3 power current of the current version of USBTTLC is too small(within 100ma), it is not recommended. In test phase, you can only use USBTTL, and after the completion of the program debugging, you can use external power supply directly to supply power.