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Microduino smartRF uses the latest high-performance CC1101 wireless communication chip, which can be widely applied to various short distance wireless communication field


  • With highest working rate at 500KBPS, it supports 2-FSK, GFSK and MSK modulation;
  • Capable of modifying baud rate, power, frequency and other related parameters by software;
  • High sensitivity (Under 1.2KBPS - 110dDm, 0.1% packet error rate);
  • Low power consumption (1.2 KBaud,433 MHZ RX is 15 ma);
  • Built-in hardware CRC error detection and point-to-multipoint communication address control;
  • With programmable and controllable power output,the maximum power is +10dBM;
  • It owns wireless wake up function and supports low power electromagnetic wave activation function;


  • Low working voltage: 1.9 ~ 3.6V;
  • Support 315/433/868/915MHZ ISM frequency band;
  • Support 2-FSK, GFSK and MSK modulation;
  • Lowest working rate is 1.2 KBPS, up to 500 KBPS;
  • Separate 64 byte RX and TX FIFO buffer;
  • Capable of meeting the requirements of multipoint communication and frequency hopping communication with 125 optional work channels;
  • Support RSSI strong and weak signal detection and carrier listening function;
  • Pin description:
SMARTRF Pin Microduino Pin Function
INT D2 General output port
SCK D13 SPI bus clock
S0 D12 Data output port
SI D11 Data input port
SS D10 SPI interface,select chip


Eagle PCB download: Main chips


Application library downlaod: https://github.com/Microduino/Microduino_Tutorials/tree/master/Microduino_Libraries/_03_Microduino_SmartRF_CC1101

Test program download: https://github.com/Microduino/Microduino_Tutorials/tree/master/Microduino_Texting/Microduino_SMARTRF


You can download the test program that Microduino offers, and use the Microduino-OLED module to test Microduino-smartRF.

  • Prepared Hardware: Microduino FT232R, Microduino Core and Microduino-smartRF;
  • Prepared Software: Microduino's test program (Arduino), Arduino IDE (upper to 1.0 release);
  • Two Microduino-Core modules.

By Microduino-smartRF communication test, the host machine sends the runtime to the auxiliary machine, which will be displayed on the OLED ;

    • ceshi_SMARTRF_T is the program sent by the host machine and ceshi_SMARTRF_R is the program sent by the auxiliary machine;
    • The host machine needs Microduino-Core and Microduino-smartRF modules and the auxiliary machine needs Microduino-Core, Microduino-smartRF and MIcroduino-OLED as well as Microduino FT232R used to download program;
    • Use the IDE to open the test program and then upload the program to the host and auxiliary machine respectively;
    • After the upload, "Rec. pack #xx" will be displayed on OlED, and "xx" is the time that is sent from the host machine;
    • Restart the host machine and start timing from zero, the data of the auxiliary machine will be also updated at the same time.


  • Do you have module to support CC2511 or CC2500?
    • So far we don't have this module.





Microduino-smartRF Front


Microduino-smartRF Back