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  • Project: Microduino pulse measuring instrument
  • Objective: Use pulse sensor and Microduino to measure the pulse.
  • Difficulty: High
  • Time-consuming: 5 hours
  • Maker: Microduino Studio-YLB

Bill of Materials

  • Microduino equipment
Module Number Function
Microduino-Core 1 Core module
Microduino-FT232R 1 Download program
Microduino-OLED 1 Display
Microduino-S1 1 Extension board
  • Other equipment
pegboard 1 Set up circut
9_Pin Row needles 3 Fix Microduino core
Soldering iron 1 welding tool
Solder 1 welding tool
Wire 1 welding tool
tweezers 1 welding tool



  • Step 1: Prepare the experiment equipment
Microduino Heat all.jpg
  • Step 2: Build adapter board
    • Cut a certain specification size pegboard;
    • Weld the row needles, using VCC(3.3V), GND, A0 abd D6;
Microduino Welding1.jpg
  • Make sure the welding position is correct
Microduino Welding2.jpg
  • Change the sensore, change the origianl pin to row needles.
Microduino Welding6.jpg
  • Weld the sensor port (A0) and LED indictor (D6)
    • Schematic
Microduino Welding7.jpg
    • Result
Microduino Welding3.jpg
Microduino Welding4.jpg
  • OLED using Microduino Cube - S1 to connect, no need weld IIC communication pins (SDA and SCL), but the player can set aside on OLED interface.
Microduino Welding5.jpg
  • Step 2: Set up hardware and test whether the welding is correct

Assembly Microduino Core, Microdino FT232 and welding board, then power on to check if the sensor indicator light.

Microduino Setup0.jpg
  • Step 3:Assembly OLED
Microduino Setup1.jpg
Microduino Setup1 1.jpg
  • Download test program
  • Start IDE, open "Microduino_Pulse_measurement" program, compile it and then download:
  • Step 3: Test

Put the finger on the sensor, observe whether LED is in a simulated heart beating

Microduino Setup2.jpg

OLED data can be seen in changes, including the heartbeat, time, times in one minute. From detection to the heart of the first ten seconds is expected to jump how many times in one minute.

Microduino Setup3.jpg


  • Use the LED to simulate the heart beating.
  • OLED display the heartbeat, time, times in one minute.

Issues need to pay attention

  • Weld sensor need more carefully.
  • Can't delete the Interrupt in program.