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  • Project:Microduino Sensor Dot Matrix
  • Objective:Microduino Sensor Dot Matrix is specially designed for 8×8 full color matrix, whose size is 60.5*60.5mm. The length of each light hole is 5.0mm. Therefore, you need only three pins to control 192 lights, which can be combined into any color. Besides, the Matrix has PWM controlling function, capable of controlling the brightness.
  • Difficulty:Middle
  • Time-consuming:2 hours
  • Maker:Microduino Studio-YLB

Bill of Materials

  • Microduino Equipments
Modules Number Function
Microduino-Core 1 Core Board
Microduino-FT232R 1 Download Program
  • Other Equipments
5.0 Full Color Matrix Module 1 Display
The Drive Board of Microduino Sensor Dot Matrix 1 Controlling RGB Matrix
USB Cable 1 Power Supply & Download



  • Test Program Download:



Microduino RGBLEDMatrix all.jpg
  • Get Prepared:
    • to download RGB LED Matrix program and then uncompress it to the libraries folder of IDE
    • to download test program “Microduino_RGBLEDMatrix”
  • Step 1:

To build the circuit of Microduino Sensor Dot Matrix and fold Microduino FT232R and Microduino Core together on the drive board, and then fold the matrix on the board. Please note the pros and cons, which can refer to the flowing pictures.

Microduino RGBLEDMatrix ok1.jpg
Microduino RGBLEDMatrix ok2.jpg
  • Step 2:

Open the test program, you can see the experimental phenomena after successful compiling and downloading by choosing the right board.

  • Program Description
    • Grammar:

m.clear();Clear the screen of LED Matrix ; m.set_led_rgb(x,y,green,red,blue) Used to draw points x: Horizonal coordinate y: Vertical coordinate green:0-255 red:0-255 blue:0-255


Microduino Sensor Dot Matrix can show assorted pattern and users can design more gorgeous color on their own demand.

Microduino RGBLEDMatrix ok3.jpg
Microduino RGBLEDMatrix ok4.jpg