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The motion sensor is a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer. It is capable of detecting the angle and angular rate in the yaw, pitch, and roll axes (aircraft principal axes). Along with acceleration on the difference axes. Support for this module is found in mDesigner.

This module has a similar name to a Microduino / mCookie Motion module. They are NOT the same modules.
mDesigner does not support the Microduino / mCookie Motion module.

Compatible Pins

The following pins on the Hub or mCenter+'s Hub support this module:

Hub I2C Pins.png
Pin Name Compatibility Notes
Pin 0 No
Pin 1 No
Pin 2 No
Pin 3 No
Pin 4 No
Pin 5 No
Pin 6 No
Pin 7 No
Pin 8 No
Pin 9 No
Pin 10 No
Pin 11 No
Pin 12 No
Pin 13 No
Pin A0 No
Pin A1 No
Pin A2 No
Pin A3 No
Pin A6 No
Pin A7 No
Pin I2C Yes Any I2C / IIC pin.


Motion - Read Angle / Angular Rate on Axis

This block reads the angle or angular rate on the selected axis (yaw, pitch, or roll).

MDesigner Motion Read Angle AngularRate.png
  • Angle / Angular Rate - measure the angle or angular rate.
  • Angle - the angle of the selected axis.
  • Angular Rate - the rate in which the angle is changing on the selected axis.
  • Axis - axis to measure -- yaw, pitch, or roll (see right).
Motion Yaw Pitch Roll-01.png

Motion - Read Acceleration on Axis

This block reads the acceleration on the selected axis (front-back, left-right, up-down).

MDesigner Motion Read Acceleration.png
  • Axis - axis to measure (see right).
  • front-back - green
  • left-right - blue
  • up-down - red
Motion Acceleration Axis-01.png