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The organic light-emitting diode (OLED) module is a display module capable of displaying information, shapes, images, etc on its 0.96-inch 128x64 (pixel) screen. Support for this trinket is found in mDesigner.


The OLED module can be connected to a project in two ways. Either stacking or connecting to a sensor hub using a wire.

Method 1: Stacking

Stack directly onto an mBattery or mCenter+.

OLED Connectivity Stacked.png

Method 2: Connecting with a Wire

Connecting the OLED screen to a sensor hub with a wire allows for the OLED to be positioned in different locations.
The following pins on the Hub or mCenter+'s Hub support this module:

OLED Connectivity Wired.png
Pin Name Compatibility Notes
Pin 0 No
Pin 1 No
Pin 2 No
Pin 3 No
Pin 4 No
Pin 5 No
Pin 6 No
Pin 7 No
Pin 8 No
Pin 9 No
Pin 10 No
Pin 11 No
Pin 12 No
Pin 13 No
Pin A0 No
Pin A1 No
Pin A2 No
Pin A3 No
Pin A6 No
Pin A7 No
Pin I2C Yes Any I2C / IIC pin.


The OLED screen has a screen resolution of 128 pixel wide by 64 high.
The OLED blocks "x" and "y" values reference the screen resolution with origin (0,0).
The origin (0, 0) is on the top left of the screen (in reference to image below).

OLED Coordinates.png


OLED - Display Message

This block displays a message on the OLED screen. The bottom left corner of the text is aligned to the "x" and y" input. Each character (default) is about 10 pixels tall.

MDesigner OLED Display Message block.png
  • x - "x" position of the message.
  • y - "y" position of the message.
  • message - message to display.
OLED Display Message Demo.png

OLED - Draw Line

This block draws a line on the OLED screen. With the starting point as (x0, y0) and the ending point as (x1, y1). The line width is about 1 pixel.

MDesigner OLED Draw Line block.png
  • line / rectangle - draw either a line or rectangle. Leave on line to draw a line.
  • Start point - x0, y0
  • End point - x1, y1
OLED Draw Line Demo.png

OLED - Draw Rectangle

This block draws a rectangle on the OLED screen. With the top left corner point as (x0, y0) and the bottom right corner point as (x1, y1). The line width is about 1 pixel.

MDesigner OLED Draw Rectangle Select.png
This block uses the OLED - Draw Line block, but configured for a rectangle.
MDesigner OLED Draw Rectangle block.png
  • line / rectangle - draw either a line or rectangle. Change to rectangle to draw a rectangle.
  • Top left corner - x0, y0
  • Bottom right corner - x1, y1
OLED Draw Rectangle Demo.png

OLED - Draw Circle

This block draws a circle on the OLED screen. With the center of the on the "x" and "y" inputs with a radius of "r".

MDesigner OLED Draw Circle block.png
  • center of circle - x, y
  • r - radius of the circle.
OLED Draw Circle Demo.png

OLED - Clear

This block clears the contents of the OLED screen of any drawn contents, such as text, shapes, etc.

MDesigner OLED Clear.png