Temperature & Humidity S2 (use with mDesigner)

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The Temperature & Humidity (S2) sensor is a capable of measuring the current temperature and humidity near the sensor. Support for this sensor is found in mDesigner.



Several sensors may be similar, but this page only covers the TEM&HUM-S2 sensor.

Compatible Pins

The following pins on the Hub or mCenter+'s Hub support this module:

Hub I2C Pins.png
Pin Name Compatibility Notes
Pin 0 No
Pin 1 No
Pin 2 No
Pin 3 No
Pin 4 No
Pin 5 No
Pin 6 No
Pin 7 No
Pin 8 No
Pin 9 No
Pin 10 No
Pin 11 No
Pin 12 No
Pin 13 No
Pin A0 No
Pin A1 No
Pin A2 No
Pin A3 No
Pin A6 No
Pin A7 No
Pin I2C Yes Any I2C / IIC pin.


Temperature/Humidity Read

This block reads either the temperature (in Celsius) or humidity (percentage) from the sensor and returns the value.

Note: This block looks very similar to the Temperature Read block used with the Temperature D1 sensor. Ensure you are using the correct block!
MDesigner Temperature and Humidity S2 Read.png
  • Temperature / Humidity - select either Temperature of Humidity to read.
  • Temperature - reads the current temperature (in Celsius) from the sensor.
  • Humidity - reads the current humidity percentage from the sensor.