Use the Microduino-CoreUSB to burn bootloader for Microduino- CoreSTM32

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  • Download and instll STM32 flash bootloader demo:
  • Stack the Microduino-CoreARM and Microduino-CoreUSB module, then use the USB cable to connect the Microduino-CoreUSB module and PC. (Note: not the Microduino-CoreARM module)
  • Open the "Flash loader demonstrator", when you see following dialog, press the "BUT" button, then click the "reset" button, and then release the "BUT" button, click next.
  • Click next again
  • Check the target is 128K and all pages are unprotected, click nexit
  • Choose "download to device", search the "maple_mini_boot.bin", click next
  • Wait for download finished, when Flash promts "Download finished", your Microduino-CoreSTM32 is ready to use!