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Microduino-Color led

mCookie-Color LED is a colored LED sensor with an built-in IC control chip, which can be cascaded arbitrarily. With only one I/O port, you can control all the lights and each light can be controlled separately.

Sensor Pin Introduction

Sensor backpin.png
  • Pins of the sensor:
    • PIN1: GND
    • PIN2: VCC
    • General signal pins:
      • PIN3(IO1): digital/analog signal
      • PIN4(IO2): NC(null)
    • Special signal pins:
      • If it is IIC: IO1/IO2 are respectively SDA/SCL.
      • If it is soft serial port: IO1/IO2 are respectively tx/rx.
  • Special to Sensor-Color LED sensor pins
    • PIN1: GND
    • PIN2: VCC
    • PIN3(IO1): Digital Signal Output
    • PIN4(IO2): NC

Microduino sensor can communicate with core module through the connection with Microduino-Module Sensor Hub.


  • With single bus control. Only one I/O port to control, and complete the receiving and decoding of the data;
  • With built-in IC controller, and serial connection interfaces, which can cascade control;
  • The three primary colors of each pixel point can realize 256-level brightness display, and achieve 16777216-color whole true color display. And the scanning frequency is not lower than 400Hz/s;
  • With ultra-low power and ultra-long life.


  • Sensor voltage
    • 3.3V~5V working voltage
  • Size of the sensor
    • Size of the board: 23.5mm*13mm
    • 1.27mm-spacing 4Pin interface connected with sensorhub;
    • CAD drawing of the sensor: File:Sensor
    • 1.27mm-spacing 4Pin interface connected with sensorhub.
  • Function description
    • Adopt WS2812 integrated control light source;
    • RGB of each pixel point can achieve 256-level brightness display;
    • When the updating rate is 30 frame/s, the cascade number is not less than 1024;
    • When the transmission distance between any two points is not over 3 meters, don’t need to add any circuit.
  • Connection
    • This sensor can be connected to the following interfaces of the core:D2~D13
    • Multiple sensors cascade: Connect the (OUT) of the former LED—Strip to the (IN) of the later Color_LED.



Program Download


  • Follow the Software Getting Started Guide.
  • Select the Board, Processor and Port.
  • Click [File]->[Open], browse to the project program address, and click "Microduino_Sensor-Color_LED_Test.ino" to open the program.
  • After confirming all these items are correct, click "→" to download the program to the development board.

Hardware Setup

  • Referring to the following picture, connect Sensor-Crash to the digital port D6 of Microduino-Sensorhub.

Microduino-sensorhub Shake.JPG

Result Observation

  • After the download, observe the led strip;
  • LED twinkles in red, and green successively with the interval of 1s.


  • LED full color light letter lamp string, LED full color module set, LED full color soft lamp strip and hard lamp strip, and LED guardrail tube.
  • LED point light source, LED pixel screen, all kinds of electronic products, LED shaped screen, and electrical equipment Marquee.