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The course will show you how to simulate a compass on Processing by presenting the data of magnetic field strength detected by Microduino-10DOF module.


  • Other Hardware Equipment
    • A USB cable

Schematic Diagram

The HMC5883L magnetic field strength sensor of Microduino-10DOF will be available.


Referring to compassMicroduino



Step 1: Building the hardware environment according to the schematic diagram, just like this:

Compass simulatorConnectionDiagram.jpg

Step 2: Here is the code we need:

The code of the two ends (Processing and Microduino)


//The data of the magnetic field strength will be displayed on Processing via serial output

 void loop()
   mag.getHeading(&mx, &my, &mz);


//After getting the data of the first serial port, defining them or caching them if there is a new line // is always my Arduino, so I open Serial.list()[0].

 // Open whatever port is the one you're using.
 myPort = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600);
 myPort.bufferUntil('\n'); // Trigger a SerialEvent on new line

//Presenting the data obtained from Microduino on the screen in the form of curves with different color and then marking them

Function Description:

//Drawing a magnetic field pointer

arrow(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, color c)

//Judging whether can convert them into numbers or not

isNumeric(String str)

Step 3: Uploading the code and get it compiled successfully.

Step 4: After the system goes smoothly, you can use a magnet to change the magnetic field and see if there is any change.


There will be a simple compass displayed on the screen and the pointer will be changed along with the change of the magnetic field. As follows:

Compass simulatorResult.jpg