Joystick Control servo rotation

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Control servo rotation through Joystick and get correspsonding rotation of the arrow icon in Scratch.


Read Joystick X-axis values and get servo rovolve to certain angel according to return values.


Hardware Buildup

  • Setup 1:Stack CoreUSB and Sensorhub
  • Setup 2:Connect Joystick to analog A0 and A1. There is pin description on two sides of Sensorhub,to which you can connect sensors correspondingly.
  • Setup 3:Connect servo to D8.
Microduino-sensorhub rule.JPG

Software Debugging

  • Setup 1:Build Scratch programming environment.
  • Setup 2:Start programming. Example program download: File:Joystick
  • Setup 3:Code description—detect Joystick values for one part and the arrow icon will make correpsonding movement according to Joystick.
    • You need to create a variable to save Joystick data.
      • Reflect variable values of 0-1023 to 0-180° and control servo through “Motor” plug-in.
Joystick mCookie servo1.gif
    • Rotate the arrow according to variables. (Users can change the arrow icon according to individual needs. )
Joystick mCookie servo2.gif


By moving Joystick on X-axis, you can control servo rotation angle.