LM75 Temperature Detection

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Function of the Module

  • Please refer to: Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature range: -40-80℃. This sensor is not water-proof so you can't put it into the water and measure temperature and humidity.


To use the Temp& Hum sensor to detect surround temperature and humidity and check data in the serial monitor.

Bill of Material

  • Module
Module Number Function
mCookie-CoreUSB 1 Core board
mCookie-Hub 1 Sensor pin board
Microduino-Temp&Hum 1 Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Other Hardware Equipment
    • One USB cable

Hardware Buildup

  • Setup 1:Connect the Temp&Hum sensor to the IIC port of the Hub. (Only connected to IIC)
  • Setup 2:Connect the CoreUSB, Hub and Temp&Hum sensor to the computer with a USB cable.


  • Step1:Since we use the serial monitor, we need to find "Serial communication" from "Communication" item.
Mixly Serial.jpg
  • Step2:Serial communication description.
  • Step3:Find "Temp&Hum module " from "Sensor" under the item of "Microduino".
  • "Temp&Hum module " description
  • You can find "Print" in "Text" if you need to print self-defined content.
Mixly text.jpg
  • Overall code description.


  • Step1:Select the right board card(Core USB 32U4) and COM port(Recognized automatically by default).
Mixly board COM.jpg
  • Step2:Open the serial monitor.
Mixly COMXX.jpg
  • Step3:Make sure the serial baud rate is the same with the pre-set one.
Mixly COMXX ok.jpg
  • Step4:Check the data: When hold the sensor with your hand, the temperature and humidity will increase but the humidity is climbing faster that temperature.