Lesson 18--Microduino 4-way Responder

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This tutorial will teach you to do a four-way responder using 5 buttons based on Microduino. Four buttons are marked with the number 1 ~ 4 respectively, press the four buttons at the same time, digital tube will display the button number of the first press. The fifth button uses to reset.


  • Microduino-Core
  • Microduino-FT232R
  • Other hardware equipment
    • Breadboard Jumper one box
    • Breadboard one piece
    • Button one
    • Digital tube one
    • 10kΩ resistor five
    • 220Ω resistor one
    • USB Data cable one



Pin Table

Microduino Pin Digital Pin
D10 1
D9 2
D5 3
D8 4
D13 5
D7 6
D6 7
Not used 8
D11 9
D12 10


Download program: https://github.com/Microduino/Microduino_Tutorials/tree/master/Microduino_Advanced/Microduino4Responder

#include "SevSeg.h"
SevSeg sevseg;

void setup() {
  //Define used pins
  pinMode(1, INPUT);    //Pin 1 for button 1
  pinMode(2, INPUT);    //Pin 2 for button 2
  pinMode(3, INPUT);    //Pin 3 for button 3
  pinMode(4, INPUT);    //Pin 4 for button 4

  sevseg.NewNum(0, 4); // initial value is 0


void loop() {
  //Enable output function

  //Reads the four button pin in cycle
  for(int i=1; i<=4; i++) {
    if(digitalRead(i)==HIGH) {//Press a button
      while(1) {//Display the button number
        sevseg.NewNum(i, 4);


Firstly download the library, unzip it and put to libraries folder of Arduino IDE, then restart Arduino IDE to load library.

Library link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bwrp4uluZCpNN1Q4dmFZX1MzWVE/edit

This library can drive 4bits digital tube and support number, decimal point and easy to use.

Step 1: Copy the code to IDE and compile it

Step 2: Set up circuit, as follows:


There are two buttons and use the same connection. One end connects to power and on the other end, a signal line and GND in parallel.

Step 3: Run program

Step 4: At beginning, the digital will display 0, press four buttons at the same time, the digital will display the button number of the first pressed.


Digital will display the button number of the first pressed. The most right side is the reset button.