Lesson 26--Microduino 5*7 Lattice Dynamic Display

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This tutorial will display a image dynamically using 5*7 LED lattice, including move and switch the image.



Experiment one

  • Entire image switch
  • Principle:Display specified character in a time slot, use the for() loop to finish the switch.

Step 1:Open the test program; Step 2:Compile it and select the board to download;

  • Note
    • The first for() loop uses to delay the display time, shorter time delay and shorter the display time.
    • In the first for() loop, there is another for() loop, it uses to display a image. Function delay() uses to set the refresh rate.
    • You can use the second for() loop to add more image, but need change the corresponding array data in function leddisplay().

Experiment two

  • Move the image
  • Principle: Use the left shift operation or right shift operation and for() loop to adjust the move speed.

Step 1: Open the test program; Step 2: Compile it, select the board type and download;

  • Note
    • The first for() loop controls the movement,the second for() controls the speed and the third for() uses to display.
    • Change the second for() loop to adjust the move speed.
    • Left shift operation "<<" controls up move, right shift operation ">>" controls down move.


The first experiment completes the image switch, the second experiment completes the movement of image. Players can according to their own interest to do some more interesting animation.