Lesson 3--Microduino Digital voltmeter

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This tutorial involves two new content, the use of Microduino serial port communication and analog port. We have introduced analog port in before lessons. It can measure 0 to 5 v voltage, then return the corresponding value of 0-1024. Today we will use this functionality to create a 0 to 5V voltage meter.

Note: This experiment circuit without relatively complex protection circuit, so, don't use more than two AA batteries, and don't used to measure the lithium battery or other power supply!!





Download program: https://github.com/Microduino/Microduino_Tutorials/tree/master/Microduino_Advanced/MicroduinoDigitalVoltmeter

     Usage:Introduce how to use Microduino analog port to measuer voltage
    float temp;   //Define a float type variable to store the data
    void setup()
    void loop()
      int V1 = analogRead(A0);                    
    //Read the data from A0 and store into V1. The measure scope is 0 ~5V, and return value is 0-1024
      float vol = V1*(5.0 / 1023.0);               
    //Converthe V1 to actual voltage and the store into variable vol
      if (vol == temp)                             
    //This part used to filter repeat data, only output when value is different between two measure
        temp = vol;                               //After compared, save the value to temp
        Serial.print(vol);                       //Serial output voltage and no newline  
        Serial.println(" V");                    //Serial output voltage with a newline
        temp = vol;
        delay(1000);                           //Wait for 1s to refresh


Step 1: Copy the code to IDE and compile it

Step 2: Connect the circuit, as follows:


The purpose of using 1K resistor is that in the case of measuring end vacant, lead the GND reference level to measure port, to avoid interference vacant interfaces.

Step 3: Run program

Step 4: Placed the red line and black line to object's positive, negative terminal, in this case, it is a button battery, serial will display voltage value.



The red line connects to positive terminal and black line connects to negative terminal, serial monitor will show the voltage value with 1s refresh speed. The value will be change, because this is a low accuracy test.