Lesson 38--Microduino Stepper Motor Drive

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This lesson will show you how to control the stepping motor by Microduino-Stepper module, and welding the step motor control board.


Stepper motor

  • Connection method for the stepping motor:

Connect the stepper motor to Microduino-Stepper module:

    • Four wire two phase stepper motor has two sets of coil A and B, each group coil's resistance is very small, only a few ohm. A and B group is absolutely insulation and disconnected. Measured with a multimeter, connected is a set;
    • After measured group A and B, connect one group coil to OUT1A and OUT1B, the other group coil connects to OUT2A and OUT2B;
    • By changing the MS1 & MS2 to change the stepping mode (Microduino-Stepper uses 1/16 stepping mode by default).
  • Angle calculation:

Stepper motor parameters:1.8deg/step, that is stepper motor moves one step turned every 1.8°.

    • Step number=360/1.8*16=3200 step

Multiplied by 16 because Microduino A4982 default use 1/16 step mode.

Stepper motor deg.jpg


Stepper motor.jpg


  • Step 1:Crop the pegboard as specified size;
  • Step 2:Determine the Microduino's base position, then welding the circuit according to the schematics:
  • Set up circuit


  • Used library:【AccelStepper librarygithub下载
  • Downlaod test program:File:Program Test A4982.zip
  • Compile it and select the correct board type to download.
  • Test
    • Connect power (6-25V), the motor won't move in initial state;
    • Press the button, the stepper motor will rotate as setted pace, and LED indicator lights, reverse rotation after a few laps, the cycle repeated;
    • Press the button again, close the drive, LED indicator turn off.


We can control the four-wire two-phase stepping motor successfully by Microduino-Stepper module.