Lesson 44--Microduino Matrix keyboard

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Understanding the principle of matrix keyboard and learn how to use Microduino read each key's value of matrix keyboard


Matrix keyboard

Matrix keyboard's structure is similar to the matrix of the keyboard group. When many keys in the keyboard, in order to reduce the occupation of the I/O port, we can use matrix keyboard. Such as the 4 * 4 matrix keyboard has 8 signal lines, then can control 16 buttons.

Matrix keyboard1.jpg
  • Principle:

Each the horizontal and vertical line in the intersections are not directly connected, but through a button to connect them.

Matrix keyboard2.jpg
  • Recognition method:

Column line through the resistance connects to power anode, and set the Microduino I/O ports connected to row line as output, the column line connected the I/O port as input. So when there is no button was pressed, all the input is high level, on behalf of no key pressed. Row line output is low level, once the key was pressed, the input line will be lower, so through reading the input line state can know if there is a key press.


If player don't have the matrix keyboard, you can use the independent keyboard to combine.

Matrix keyboard3.jpg


  • Library:
  • Test program:


  • Step 1:Measure the matrix keyboard pin

Method:From the schematic diagram, we can see that if the first button is pressed, corresponding to the first row line and column line that two wire connected. So we can use a multimeter ohm file to judge, use the pin to connect any two wires respectively, and then press the button, to see if in the conduction state, so that it can distinguish 8 lines how to connect the row and column.

  • Step 2:Set up the circuit
Matrix keyboard4.jpg
  • Step 3:Download program
  • Copy the library folder to the libraries folder of Arduino IDE;
  • Start the Arduino IED, open the test program, select the board "Microduino Core (Atmega328P@16M,5V)", download directly;
  • Step 4:Test

Press the button and observe the OLED, check the value.


  • Players can re-defien the matrix keyboard's pin. Change the row's defination in rowPins[ROWS], change the column defination in byte colPins[COLS]. Pay attention to determine whether the pin are reused, otherwise may be garbled.
  • Playser can change the button information in array hexaKeys[ROWS][COLS].


Use the Microduino to read the button on matrix keyboard and display the information on OLED. Playser also can make other application, such as combination lock